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Developer Formula Software
First Release 2001
Latest Version 3.8
Single License USD 39.95
Strongest Points
  • Can save projects and comparison templates
  • Capable to plan multiple comparison tasks at once
  • Able to compare ranges of worksheets
  • Adjustable similarity rate to identify differences
Weakest Points
  • The new version 3.8 does not include any substantial improvement and is pretty much the same as the version released years ago.
  • The solution simply changes all identified differences regardless if needed or not
  • Very limited and basic filter and option settings available
  • Only a limited, basic set of differences can be identified
  • Specification of differences and difference types is missing


with this Solution…

The below rating is based on our evaluation sheet that gives points for more than 40 different questions. From look and feel, convenience to functionalities… We think we have it all pretty much covered and summarized.

Getting started…
Evaluates how easy it is to get started with the solution and to do the basic setting to compare workbooks, spreadsheets and databases.

Summary: Easy to get a comparison task started and to create and save projects.

Rating 2.8 / 5

User Experience…
Measures the user experience and the convenience to work with the solution as well as how easy help can be accessed and how helpful the help topics are.

Summary: Clear and easy to understand user interfaces.

Rating 2.4 / 5

Speed and Capacity…
Measures how fast the solution works with small, medium and large files as well as the capacity to identify multiple tasks, such as inserted columns, databases, etc.

Summary: Speed and the capacity of the solution are good but requires a bit time for very large files.

Rating 3.3 / 5

Features, Options and Customization…
Evaluates filter options, customization features, identified difference types and the capability to handle databases.

Summary: Very limited options for customization, filter setting and other options. No specific options or settings for databases available.

Rating 1.3 / 5

Result Display…
Measures how well the results are displayed as well as how easy it is to understand them and to navigate through these results.

Summary: In our opinion, the display of the final results are too basic and takes time to get familiar with.

Rating 1.6 / 5

Use and apply Results…
Measures how the results can be updated/edited and if the solution supports automatic updating of individual differences and entire groups of differences.

Summary: Automatic updating of individual differences and of difference types is not possible.

Rating 1.1 / 5

Solution Features
and Options…

This breakdown of capabilities shows you at a glance, where each of the solutions delivers and hopefully helps to see, which solutions will meet your needs best.

What general Features does the Solution have?
Compares Spreadsheets
Supports and compares Databases
Allows a 1-to-1 Comparison
Command Line Options
Compares very large Files
Multiple Filter Options
Option setting per worksheet
What makes working convenient?
Directly embedded as Add-In in Excel
Parallel scrolling within two worksheets
Highlight and un-highlight Differences
Multiple Filter Options
Use of multiple Comparison Options
Save repeating Tasks as Projects
Creation of Comparison Templates
Show and hide Difference Types
Command Line Options
Creation of Difference Reports
Creation of hyperlinked Difference Reports
Seamless Workflow with one Interface
Selection of Ranges to be compared
Setting of Value Tolerance for Comparison
Compares multiple Spreadsheets in once
Comprehensive User Manual
Settings/Options for each Worksheet
Automatic updating of differences
What can be customized?
Color Coding for Difference Types
Interface Layout
Comparison Templates
Filters and Options
Repeating Projects
Comparison Tolerance
Which Differences can be found?
Entered Values
Calculated Values
Added and deleted Rows
Added and deleted Columns
Added and deleted Spreadsheets
Spreadsheet Names
Redundant Records
Excel Names
Cell Color Backgrounds
Data Connections
VBA Codes
Number Formats
Cell Alignments
Font Names
Font Styles
Font Sizes
Font Colors
Font Underlines
Font Strikes
Font Super- and Subscripts
Cell Borders
Cell Interiors
Cell Protections
Cell Comments
Font In-String Differences
Which Differences can be automatically updated?
Updating of single Differences
Updating of entire Difference Groups
Entered Values
Calculated Values
Added and deleted Rows
Added and deleted Columns
Redundant Records
Excel Names
Cell Color Backgrounds
Number Formats
Cell Alignments
Font Names
Font Styles
Font Sizes
Font Colors
Font Underlines
Font Strikes
Font Super- and Subscripts
Cell Borders
Cell Interiors
Cell Comments
Font In-String Differences

The solution at a glance…

A FormulaSoft is a standalone Excel compare solution which allows the comparison of multiple worksheets simultaneously. The new version 3.8 has been just released in April 2018.
B The solution provides a basic set of features and options to filter and customize a comparison task.
C Projects and comparison templates can be created and saved.
D Comparing the former and the new version, no significant product improvement or innovation has been made.
E The solution is sold at a relatively low price with free updates for several years.
Our Overall 2.1 / 5


1. Synkronizer
2. xlCompare
3. Microsoft
4. Sourceforge
5. DiffEngineX
6. Compare Spreadsheets
7. Formula Soft
8. 4TOPS

Look & Feel – Screenshots

Initial interface to select the workbooks to be compared. Ranges and columns with unique identifiers can be specified.

FormulaSoft - Excel Comparison Tool

Basic option settings to customize the comparison task.

FormulaSoft - Best Excel Compare Tool

Setting options to customize the reporting and interface language.

FormulaSoft - Excel File Compare Tool

Projects can be saved in the FormulaSoft solution and, as a unique feature, multiple comparison tasks can be planned simultaneously.

FormulaSoft - Compare Excel Files

Result interface that shows, which changes have been made. However, FormulaSoft is the only solution, that automatically makes changes to the worksheets without the option of intervention or to select what should be updated and what not.

Compare Excel Files to Highlight Differences - FormulaSoft